Stant® Engine Coolant Thermostat

Sage Part Number: 13009THERMOSTAT
SKU: SPP00145579
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Quality, calibrated.  

All thermostats are not created equal. Stant thermostats offer superior, consistent performance that begins at the heart of their design. The ELAC heat motor provides a precise response to your vehicle's cooling system needs. Powered by a precisely formulated thermal-responsive wax pellet in a heat-conducting copper cup equipped with a stainless steel piston, the heat motor is 100 percent calibrated to guarantee quality and performance. Stant encases the motor in a stainless steel assembly with a self-cleaning, self-aligning valve, flange, bridge, and spring for a securely sealed unit that will keep your engine temperature within OEM specifications. 


  • Opening Temperature Rating: 160 degrees
  • Flow Rating: Standard flow
  • Gaskets Included: No
  • Thermostat Material: Stainless steel
  • Quantity: Sold individually


Stant OEM Part number 13009